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Ray Aaron

C.L. "Ray" Aaron

January 1, 1985, to December 3, 1986

Before being elected Wise County sheriff, C.L. "Ray" Aaron owned and operated a dairy in Boyd along with the Warehouse Grocery Store that he also owned.

Ray worked with Wise County Sheriff Rook Ramsey, first as Deputy in 1983 then Chief Deputy in 1984. At this time, he attended North Central Texas Council of Governments in Arlington receiving law enforcement training. He has a total of 562 hours of law enforcement training with a vast amount of special certifications in the investigation field. He took office in January 1,1986.

During his time in office, he created the crime watch program that is currently in operation in Wise County. Among other accomplishments was the area of contract law enforcement, which provided each city with contracted deputies. Aaron took part in the designing and planning processes for the jail that now exist. It was because of his devotion to law and minimizing criminal activity that the past jail became overcrowded with criminals, causing a need for new containment. Aaron also took the living quarters of the sheriff's department and converted them into much needed office space.

A major investigative case that he worked on was the Thomas J. "Shane" Shanks case involving drug labs in Wise County. The case was just one of the many that he and deputies worked on to eliminate the large amount of drug activity occurring then.

It was during Aaron’s administration that two bodies were discovered that would be later linked to the Ricky Lee Green serial killings.

C.L. "Ray" Aaron currently owns Ray Aaron Insurance agency in Decatur.


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