Sheriff David Walker

January 1, 2005 to present

David Walker was elected Sheriff in 2004 and took office January 1, 2005. David has been with the Sheriff's Office since 1992, beginning in the Communication Division. After graduating from the police academy in 1993, David transferred to Patrol. After serving 2 years in Patrol, David was transferred to CID as an Investigator and was later promoted to Lieutenant over the Investigation Division. David was promoted to Enforcement Captain in October of 1998 and Chief Deputy in 2004. 

Walker obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice in 1995. He currently holds an Advance Peace Officer Certification. In October of 1999, Sheriff Walker graduated from the Quantico F.B.I. National Academy. He has obtained his TCLEOSE Instructor's Certification and numerous hours of continuing education in various areas of law enforcement. Walker was named "Patrolman of the Year" in 1994 and "Officer of the Year in 1996".  He has received numerous commendations from both Federal and Area Law Enforcement Agencies.  




 Chief Deputy Doug Whitehead

Doug Whitehead is the Chief Deputy at the Sheriff's Office. Doug was also Chief Deputy under Sheriff Phil Ryan and was appointed Sheriff on January 15, 2004 to serve Ryan's remaining term. After David Walker was elected in 2004, Doug returned to Chief Deputy role. Doug had been with the Sheriff's Office since 1988, now serving a total of four Wise County Sheriff's. 

Chief Deputy Whitehead holds a Master's certification in law enforcement, a degree in Criminal Justice, and a teaching certificate, instructing four years at North Central Texas College.  He began his law enforcement career in 1975 at Bridgeport Police Department, later to work for Chico P.D.,Montague County Sheriff's Office, and Wise County Constable Pct. 2. Since 1988, Doug Whitehead has served as Deputy, Investigator, both Lieutenant and Captain of the Criminal Investigation Division, Administrative Captain, Jail Administrator, Chief Deputy, and Sheriff.

Among his numerous awards and accommodations, he received special recognition for his assistance in the investigation of the Ricky Lee Green case.  Married over 40 years to wife Beverly, he is father of two daughters.

 Enforcement Captain Kevin Benton

Kevin Benton came to the Wise County Sheriff's Office in 2010 as Captain of Enforcement Operations. Benton began his law enforcement career in 1987 at the Montague County Sheriff's Office as a Patrol Deputy. He was later promoted to Sergeant and served as a Felony Investigator. He was appointed Sheriff and subsequently elected Sheriff of Montague County. As that term concluded he was offered a position as a Felony Investigator for the 235th District Attorney's Office. He served the next 15 years as a Felony Investigator for the 235th and 97th Judicial Districts, managing white collar crime and major felony investigations, routinely working with Grand Juries and District Courts.

Benton holds a Master Peace Officer Certification and a TCLEOSE Instructor's License. Benton graduated in 2008 from the F.B.I. National Academy in Quantico, VA, where he studied Constitutional Law, Forensics, and Behavioral Sciences with emphasis on violent offenders. In 2008, Benton was sworn in as a Special U.S. Deputy Marshal and received a special deputation from the FBI for the purpose of assisting Federal Agencies on a Violent Crimes Task Force and a Joint Terrorism Task Force.

Benton has been married over 30 years to wife Cindy. He is the father of one son and one daughter.


  Communications Supervisor Susan Gomez
Administrative Assistant to the Sheriff and Chief Deputy

Lydia Moseley




Jail Administrator Rick Denney

Rick came to the Wise County Sheriff's Office after working 24 years at the Bridgeport Correctional Center; a 520 bed minimum security facility, housing offenders for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Rick’s career began as an officer at the men's prison where he has held multiple positions such as: Disciplinary Hearing Officer, Firearms Instructor, Chemical Agent Instructor, Extortion Officer as well as many others. In 2008 he was promoted to Major. Rick brings many years of administrative experience including policies, procedures, laws, and regulations governing the operation of adult correctional facilities within the state.




Jail Captain Jerry Gillin

Jerry Gillin is the Wise County Jail Captain. He began his career with the Wise County Jail in 2001 as a jailer. Jerry came to the Wise County Jail with 6 years previous experience with Wackenhut Corrections; 5 of those years as a supervisor.  In 2002 he was promoted to Sergeant and was later promoted to Lieutenant, then Jail Captain. Jerry holds an Intermediate Jailers License and a TCLEOSE Instructor’s License.