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Dr. Thos. R. Allen

November 2, 1880, to November 4, 1884

Dr. Thos. R. Allen was born in Missouri on October 23, 1846. He was an infant when his father brought the Allen family to Denton County. In 1850, his father died and his mother remarried five years later. His stepfather moved the family to northern Wise County in 1859.

At the age of fourteen, Allen volunteered for the confederate army, but was released due to the virtue of the conscription act. He returned to Wise County, but then re-enlisted with the State Company.

In 1864, his regiment was captured and made prisoners of war. He was prisoner when Kirby Smith surrendered. Dr. Allen also helped with keeping the Indians out of Wise County.

Dr. Allen had a flourishing political career. On December 2, 1873, he was elected Justice of the Peace for Precinct #2. He served only one term. On November 2, 1880, he was elected to his first term of sheriff. It was during this administration that the first jail was constructed. It was located on the northeast corner of the square. It housed not only prisoners, but it also had living quarters for the sheriff and his family.

Dr. Allen served until November 4, 1884. He also served as a county commissioner, and as the tax assessor.

Once his political career ended, Allen left for St. Louis to study medicine. In 1891, he returned to Greenwood to set up his practice. In 1907, he was serving as the president of the Greenwood College and the Pennington College in Justin.


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