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John R Branch

John R. Branch

January 1, 1961, to December 31, 1972

John R. Branch was born in 1912, and grew up in the Sycamore community, north of Decatur. He married Flora Hatchel and from this marriage came three children.

Branch farmed for several years before running for public office. He followed in the footsteps of both his father, John Branch and his brother, H. Malcolm Branch.

Branch was elected sheriff on November 8, 1960. He would be re-elected two more times, serving until January 1, 1973. He served for twelve consecutive years, which is the longest consecutive term in the history of Wise County.

After departing from the sheriff's department, Branch went to work as a government guard in Denton County. He held this position for four years.

J.R. Branch still lives in the Sycamore community of Wise County.

The Branch family served the citizens of Wise County, as sheriff for a combined total of twenty-two years, one month and twenty-seven days.


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