Wise County S.O. Employment Application

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The Wise County Sheriff's Office is currently seeking qualified candidates for the positions of:


For more information about this position please contact denneyr@sheriff.co.wise.tx.us.

All law enforcement applicants are subject to background investigation, pre-employment drug testing, pre-employment physical, psychological examination, and/or polygraph examination.



PATROL DEPUTY. This employee reports to the Patrol Sergeant and is responsible for the following duties: Preventive patrol in his assigned district to deter crime, arrest law violators and assist citizens. Respond to all calls for service and complete appropriate reports. Serve civil process and criminal warrants. Assist with the detention and transportation of Mental Health patients. Investigate accidents and other non-criminal matters requested by proper authority. Assist in crowd control and traffic direction. Respond to all calls for assistance, disasters, manhunts and other duties as he may be assigned. Employee should be selected in a competitive process and hold and maintain a basic peace officers certificate issued by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Education (TCLEOSE). He must successfully pass a background investigation and be of sound mind and of good character. He must possess a working knowledge of the Texas and US Constitution, Texas Penal Code, Texas Code of Criminal Procedures and other statutes that he is called upon to enforce. He should receive training on crime scene protection and evidence collection.
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ENFORCEMENT CLERK. This employee will report to the Enforcement Supervisor or to the Chief Deputy when no supervisor is in place. This employee will be responsible for the computer data entry of all patrol reports and other reports directed by the commander. This employee will be responsible for locating, copying and providing all requests for departmental reports. This employee will be responsible for proper submission of all DWI reports and statistics to the State. This employee will be knowledgeable of the Open Records Act and maintain compliance with this act. Assign and forward all criminal cases to investigators in accordance with predetermined policy. Maintain the integrity of the criminal case files. Prepare cases for the district attorney investigator. Be the department’s liaison officer with the DPS on concealed handgun investigations. Special assignments as determined by proper authority. This employee will be responsible for the department’s vending machines and the proper accounting for all funds from these machines. Employee will be responsible for the preparation, correctness, and submission of the Uniform Crime Report (UCR) submitted to the Texas Department of Public Safety each month when there is no UCR Officer or Crime Prevention Director in place. Employee should complete a UCR training seminar but does not have to be a certified officer.
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DETENTION JAILER. This employee is appointed by the Jail Administrator and reports to him through the appropriate supervisor. He is responsible for the safe keeping of all inmates on his shift. He must conduct head counts, check rosters and board for cell assignments and accuracy. He must pull and pass medications, book inmates, strip search inmates and classify inmates. He must do the  property inventory, medical history, literacy and suicide screening of inmates.  He must fingerprint and photograph inmates. He must release property/money to inmates and complete bond records. He must make jail checks to ensure safety of prisoners and security of the facility. He must complete meal count sheets, insure that inmates receive special diets, and pass out meals. He must collect trays and account for any missing items. He must retrieve and replace inmates as needed by staff, officers, attorneys, etc. He must assist in the transportation of inmates to doctor and court. He must conduct shake down of the inmate cell blocks, shop area, roof, and jail grounds for contraband and evidence of escape attempts.  He must coordinate contact of inmate with bondsman, other agencies, attorneys, and court. He must supervise movement of inmates for visitation, recreation programs, disciplinary hearings, attorneys and library. He must check and log all incoming/outgoing  mail for contraband. He must acquire and pass out all inmate mail. He must make hourly inspections of all inmates and all cells. He must conduct and document any medical and suicidal special watches He must pass out toilet paper and razors as required. He must supervise the visitation policy and account for time and compliance. He must do pat downs everytime inmate returns to the secured section of the jail. He must track the time of recreation, visits, etc. He must check the lobby area of the jail before and after visitation hours. He must do a criminal history and wanted check on booking and releasing of all inmates. He must prepare arraignment sheets for magistrates and check their completeness after arraignment. He must monitor awarded days for inmates sitting out fines. He must complete all required forms, reports, and computer entry on each inmate. He must coordinate with other agencies on inmates to be shipped or picked up. He is responsible for supervision of the inmates in the jail area and to ensure inmates’ cells are clean. He must receive grievances and make disciplinary reports. He must respond to all emergency reports from the cells and all fire alarms. He must maintain peace within the facility. The Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Education shall certify employee as a detention officer (jailer). Employee should have excellent interpersonal skills and mild temperament.
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DETENTION CONTROLLER. The Jail Administrator assigns this employee and he reports to him through the appropriate supervisor. He is responsible for the constant surveillance of monitors for the safety and security of the inmates, visitors, and staff.  He ensures that the movements of all inmates are proper. He monitors inmates in library, kitchen, visitation, recreation, and classroom.  He controls the access to the doors in the facility.  He monitors the front and back doors as well as employee entrance, kitchen entrance, and sallyport. He is responsible for answering the telephone on jail calls and makes calls for jailers when requested. He backs up communication on answering phones. He receives property and money for the inmates from family and friends; he receives bonds and fines. He sends pages when directed and answers cellblock alarms, videotapes violent inmates, and monitors the padded cell when occupied. He meets and assists the public after hours; notifies jailer of attorney visits; observes all persons within the facility for compliance with firearm and ammunition policy.  He monitors control equipment for problems; monitors inspects and turns on gas pump for deputies. He assists in the training of new employees, notifies the chaplain when needed and notifies jailer of fire alarms. He notifies deputies when jailer needs assistance and notifies jailer when officers need assistance in sallyport. He notifies dispatcher when medics are needed and makes all serious emergencies notifications. He monitors contact visitations and writes reports when he observes violations of jailers or inmates. Employee shall be certified as a Detention Officer by TCLEOSE.  Employee should have excellent interpersonal skills and mild temperament.
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RECORDS OFFICER. This employee is appointed by the Jail Administrator and reports to him through appropriate supervisor. This employee is responsible for the integrity of all inmate records; responsible for pulling records and looking up information for other agencies, courts, appropriate individuals, private security companies and this department’s officers; fax requested information to parole officers, bonding agents, and Department of Public Safety; file miscellaneous paperwork in inmate’s record file; pull old files, sort and combine information; assemble inmate permanent records in proper date order of arrest history, arrest categories, booking , release, disciplinary and miscellaneous; ensure that confidential medical/criminal history information is sealed with appropriate information on the outside.; make dividers for permanent record jacket and assemble with metal fasteners; place photos (most recent on top), emergency contact card, money receipts and booking card in the front of jacket; file inmate records alphabetically. Employee shall check all files for errors on fingerprint cards, computer printouts missing, no medical/criminal history information and other required documents. Employee shall be a certified Jailer according to the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Education.
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BONDING OFFICER. This employee is appointed by the Jail Administrator and reports to him through appropriate supervisors. This employee is responsible for: checking identification of all bondsmen and agents who present themselves to post bonds; accept and ensure accuracy of bonds presented; place bonds in jail box and inform jailers that a bond has been presented; receive processed bonds from records division and log them into bail bond book; shred all copies after logging into bond book; receive and verify Surrender/Incarceration Affidavits presented by bondsmen by confirming incarceration with this or other agencies; each Monday change the bond list in the computer, print list and post in each holding cell; rotate bond board list in lobby by moving top to the bottom. This employee shall be certified as a jailer as determined by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Education.
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TELEPHONE / GREETER OFFICER. The Jail Administrator with approval of the Chief Deputy appoints this employee with input from Administration, Detention and Enforcement Supervisors. Employee will report to the Jail Administrator through appropriate supervisors on all Jail related matters. On matters/complaints involving other divisions, the Jail Administrator will coordinate with the proper division head or Chief Deputy.  Employee is responsible for: answering the telephone and either transferring citizen to the proper office/employee or taking a message; make appropriate referrals to other offices or agencies; checking identification of all inmate visitors and comparing against the inmate’s visitor log; checking wanted on all visitors; pickup and deliver items to other county offices daily; take in cash and give receipts for ACO, Jail Industries, CID and for fingerprinting; collect all time sheets and verify accuracy, place in alphabetical order and give to personnel clerk;  place attachments to paychecks and disperse to supervisors; receive, sort, scan, censor and log all incoming and outgoing inmate mail. This employee shall be a certified jailer as determined by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Education.
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COURT SECURITY OFFICER. This employee is appointed by the District or County Judge with the approval of the Sheriff and Jail Administrator. The employee reports to the District Judge on court related matters and to the Jail Administrator on matters affecting the jail, He reports to the Chief Deputy on commission and enforcement matters. Employee is responsible for the implementation and management of the Courthouse and other County Buildings/Offices security with the advice and consent of the District Judge. Employee will act as the Department’s liaison officer with the various prosecutors and judges on safety matters. Employee shall constantly evaluate and address all safety and security aspects in county owned buildings. Employee will coordinate with the Jail Administrator in meeting the needs of bailiffs and added security for special trials and court hearings. Employee shall be a commissioned peace officer as determined by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Education. Employee should have advanced training in courthouse security and have above average interpersonal skills in dealing with county employees and the public.
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BAILIFFS. The Judge in whose court he will serve with the advice and approval of the Jail Administrator and Sheriff appoints this employee. Employee will report to the Judge and answer to him in all court-related matters and to the Jail Administrator/Chief Deputy on jail, commission and enforcement matters. Employee should be a commissioned peace officer as determined by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Education. The appropriate judge may waive the peace officer certification.
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ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER.  These employees will report to the administration supervisor. They will respond to and enforce all animal control calls for service. They will be responsible for compliance with the Texas Health and Safety codes of which they have control to do so. They will enforce the Texas Department of Health, Bureau of Veterinary Public Health Rabies Control and Eradication rules. They will investigate and if authorized, quarantine all animals where there is evidence to indicate a bite case. They will pick up, impound, care for and adopt or dispose of all animals that come into their custody. They will be responsible for the feeding of all animals and cleaning of the shelter. They will investigate and take appropriate action on all reports of animal cruelty. They will respond to and make appropriate disposition on all loose livestock calls. They will coordinate the issues surrounding incidents regarding exotic birds, wild animals, etc. They will testify in all court proceedings and seizure hearings. They will issue citations and submit weekly and monthly reports as required by statute or the sheriff.
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COMMUNICATION OFFICER/DISPATCHER.  This employee reports to the communication shift supervisor and is responsible for radio communications with all county law enforcement departments, and all municipal police departments. They will also dispatch for all the volunteer fire departments, county wreckers, and Emergency Medical Services.  They will also dispatch for the Texas Highway Patrol, National Forest Service, Tarrant County Water Control Board Patrol, Animal Control Officers, Texas Game Warden, County Fire Marshall and Emergency Management Coordinator. They will be responsible for answering the 911 phones at all times and other department phones after day business hours. They should be efficient in operating the department’s computer system, the TCIC/NCIC computer system, the 911-computer system, and the Power Map computer system.  They will be responsible for completing all the needed information on the Call for Service (CFS) cards. They will obtain all necessary information from reporting persons to enable Deputy/Officer to be able to handle CFS. They will complete the cards, dispatch the deputy, and properly log the disposition. They will maintain the proper logs and reports on all calls for service. They will assist field units in performing their duties, to include but not limited to, making phone notifications, and internet researching.  They will make inquiries in the TCIC/NCIC computers in compliance with the TLETS contract. They will maintain logs for wreckers, teletypes, security checks, lost/found animals, control burns, extra patrol requests, vehicle repossessions, loose livestock, and emergency resource logs and impound records. They will monitor business alarms and the courthouse security alarms. They will be responsible for notification of needed employees and other emergency personnel. They are also responsible for all after hours notification for ACO, CPS, CID call outs, JP inquests, MHMR screenings, and emergency transports. They will assist the jail in identification of wanted people, running criminal histories, sending teletypes for wanted persons or release information on inmates being released. They will be responsible for the integrity of the warrant system as well as all records entered into TCIC/NCIC. They will send teletypes in response to warrant confirmation and update transport on the status of inmates from other agencies holding inmates with Wise County charges. They will maintain the original copy of all warrants issued to the department and update warrant information that is disseminated to dispatch from the TCIC/NCIC Quality Control desk. They will enter warrants on occasion to assist the warrant manager, will verify all warrants that are entered by Communications or by the warrant manager and then file in the warrant drawer once verified they are accurate. These employees are also responsible for the entry of all stolen property into the TCIC/NCIC system. This employee is responsible for notifying CID when stolen property has been recovered. They will perform monthly validation of records entered into TCIC/NCIC to ensure accuracy and validity. They will be proficient in the use of the 911 and Telecommunication Device for the Deaf. Employee will also be trained to provide basic life saving skills using EMD protocols provided by Power Phone. They will assist the National Weather Service, Emergency Management Coordinator, Fire Marshal and local weather watchers. Employees within the Communications division are required to work 12 hour shifts and rotate nights/days every 3-6 months. A Communications Officer/Dispatcher is not able to abandon a phone call or radio traffic in order to take a break or if their shift is over. This is a highly stressful job due to the emotional calls involving violence and tragedy on a daily basis. Dispatchers must remain constantly prepared for emergency calls and there is very little room for error. In this work environment, keying in a wrong number can cause a delayed response for responders which may potentially be life-threatening for the people they are responsible for getting help to.  Employee must obtain the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Education 40-hour Telecommunication certificate.
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CIVIL/WARRANTS MANAGER.  This employee will report to the Special Services Lieutenant. This employee will be responsible for the receiving, computer entry, and assignments of all criminal warrants and civil process papers. The Manager will maintain the records in such a manner that a current status report can be given on each paper. The Manager will perform computer inquires for criminal histories and drivers license information for proper identification in the warrant process listing AKA etc. The Manager will prepare warrant jackets on each warrant and paper and place the process in it along with other completed documents. The warrant will then be entered into TCIC/NCIC and NCTCIC databases in accordance to predetermined criteria. The wanted person will then be checked to ensure correct entry.  The employee will make warrant service officers aware of exigent circumstances on those warrants that qualify. The warrants will be filed and employee will ensure that the appropriate officers receive a warrant list. Civil papers will be assigned to civil officer and when serious backlog exist, to the Division Lieutenant. When warrants are served or recalled, the warrant will be removed from the file in dispatch, cleared from TCIC/NCIC /NCTCIC and/or  returned to issuing magistrate with a cover letter. All phases of the process will have documentation on file with the employee or supervisor. The warrant and civil jacket will be maintained under employee’s supervision for 2 years. Employee will receive all incoming calls that relate to civil and warrant. Employee will make monthly reports as required by the sheriff or supervisor. This employee should receive the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Education 40-hour Telecommunications certificate. 
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Pay Scale Levels
  CLERK 2        
  CLERK 1        

(Full-time positions 40 hr/week. Benefit package. Part-time positions have no benefit packages)