The Sheriff's Office provides a Jail Ministry program for all inmates incarcerated in the Wise County Jail.

Marilyn Featherstone, the Chaplain for the Sheriff's Office, is in charge of coordinating all ministry programs available to Inmates. The Chaplain also oversees the scheduling of ministers and counselors who are on-call for any emergencies that may arise. 

Through this program, inmates are encouraged to attend worship services every Sunday afternoon. These services are conducted by eight (8) different churches on a rotation basis.

The Jail Ministry program provides two (2) weekly classes for both men and women. These classes encourage and stress the importance of life skills, such as home and family values.

Donations are accepted to help indigent inmates with items that the Jail is not required to supply. These items include greeting cards, shampoo, deodorant, or whatever is needed at any given time.  



Chaplain Marilyn Featherstone

Marilyn Featherstone serves as the Sheriff's Office Chaplain.  Marilyn has spent many years in full time ministry, both in the United States and as a Missionary in Nigeria and Jamaica.   Marilyn  has two children, John and Mari Lyn. Her son is a minister and her daughter teaches classes in the church.  Marilyn brings a lot of enthusiasm to her role and she gets a great deal of satisfaction from her efforts both in the Sheriff's Office and Jail. 

The Chaplain is responsible for scheduling worship services and Bible study  for the Jail Inmates.  She is on-call to counsel with Inmates, including situations that would create a crisis in their lives. This would include the responsibility for delivering death notifications to the Inmate population.