Criminal Investigations Division

CID, or the Criminal Investigations Division, consists of investigators assigned to investigate cases once the patrol Deputy has taken an initial report.

After a Deputy takes an offense report from the field, it is forwarded to CID and an investigator is assigned. Once an investigator is assigned, all information about the case will be handled by the investigator.

The CID Investigators are listed below. If you would like to know status about a particular case, you may click on the investigator and send them an E-Mail. Be sure to include all the information you have to identify the case, such as your name, phone, case number, etc.

Property Crimes Sgt. Mike Neagle
Property Crimes Sgt.Jim Rodgers
Property Crimes Sgt. Anissa Satterfield
Property Crimes Sgt. Clint Caddell
Property Crimes Sgt. James Mayo
Narcotics Sgt. Chad Lanier
Admin. Sgt. Sgt. Jerry DeMoss
Crimes Against Person Sgt. Josh Reynolds
Crimes Against Person Sgt. Luke Campbell
Crimes Against Person Sgt. Carolyn Copeland
Crime Scene Investigator Tim Lamkin


The Wise County Sheriffs Office has created a Narcotics Unit  to aggressively investigate the narcotics manufacturing and delivery in Wise County.

If you have local narcotics information, Leave A Tip.

The Montana Meth Project

""The Montana Meth Project is an excellent proactive approach to the meth problem in the State of Montana. Their work on this project has produced a lot of eye opening information and brought to light the REAL truth about the effects of meth. Not only from the users standpoint, but the family, and community alike. The Montana Meth Project has set the pace for the entire Country to follow, in being proactive. Utilize their web site to gain knowledge about meth, and be proactive in your efforts to educate the juveniles, so that their lives can be saved if they are aware of what meth will do."
---David Walker, Sheriff