The Wise County Law Enforcement Explorers is a program sponsored by the Wise County Sheriff’s Office. Law Enforcement Exploring is a part of the Boy Scouts of America, which involves young men and woman ages 14 through 20. This program is designed to involve, and educate young adults in the career of law enforcement. The explorers learn about the various areas of law enforcement through hands on training as well as direct observation with Deputies of the Sheriff’s Office.

 Student Benefits

Character Development

Build self-confidence

Leadership development

Social development

Unique career experiences, networking & internships

Volunteer community service

Group collaboration and teamwork



Meeting for the Explorer program are held at various days of the week and usually start at 6 pm. Meetings are held at the Wise County Sheriff’s Office located at 200 Rook Ramsey Drive, Decatur Texas. Each meeting normally consists of a short business meeting, followed by a training topic. Guests (and parents) are always welcome. If you would like to attend a meeting to see what it like please contact one of the Post Representatives list below for date and time of the next meeting. 

Explorers, who meet the attendance, age, and training requirements are allowed to ride and observed with deputies, assist and observe with communications/dispatch, work security details at public events, attend competitions and compete with fellow explorers from across the region. 

Explorers will have the opportunity to meet and talk with law enforcement personnel from various agencies from local to the federal level. 


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Membership Requirements:

Be at least 14 years of age (completed the 8th grade) and under 21 years of age.

Pass a criminal background check

Have completed application package with approval of legal parents or guardian.

Maintain a passing grade in school (if attending)

Explorers are provided with their uniforms and gear needed for the post. Members will be required to provide their own footwear.

In the future the explorer program will be hosting a junior explorer program which will reach out

to6th-8th graders. These students benefit from the same real-world career experiences as their older counterparts, but in a more age-appropriate setting.


For more information, contact Heinrich Downes or Paige DoByns (Post Commanders) at 940-627-5971 or one of the other advisors staff below or on Facebook


Advisor Staff

Eliyah Payne

Justin Hunter

Pat Golden

Heinrich Downes Paige Dobyns

Alisa Scheps


Gary Fitzgerald


Policy and Procedure Manual