Frequently Asked Questions:

I need a copy of my Criminal History. How do I get one?
Criminal history information is protected under the Privacy Act, but you can obtain a copy. If you want Wise County only, appear in person at the Sheriff's Office with a photo ID. If you need a state-wide or national check, you must obtain fingerprints and send them to the Department of Public Safety. A complete procedure to obtain a Criminal History is available by

I'd like to obtain a copy of a report. How do I get one?
Reports are available under the Freedom of Information Act, though certain information may not be released if a case is still under investigation. A form is available through

I need to know who a license plate is registered to. How do I get this information?
Contact the Department of Motor Vehicles. Under state law, we cannot give out that information .

It's a long distance call from my house to the Sheriff's Office. Can I use 9-1-1 to call even, if it is not an emergency? No. 9-1-1 is for emergencies only. Use our Toll Free number 1-866-888-WISE.