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John Hogg

John W. Hogg

November 5, 1878, to November 2, 1880

John W. Hogg was born in Rusk, Cherokee County, Texas, on March 20, 1848. He came to Wise County on April 11, 1871. Eighteen months later December 26, 1872, he married Eva Renshaw. They had three daughters.

He served with Captain George Stevens fighting Indians on the Little Wichita River in which he was recognized by the state legislature. He also served as a deputy sheriff under Stevens.

Hogg served one term as Tax Assessor. His term began on February 15, 1876. On November 5, 1878, he was elected sheriff and served until November 2, 1880. Two years later, he was elected as the county clerk. He only served one term.

The fall of 1891, he received an appointment to the postmaster position at the Decatur Post Office from President Grover Cleveland.

Cliff Cates wrote this about John W. Hogg in his book, Pioneer History of Wise County 'Personally, Mr. Hogg is a man of heavy stature; he is a man of strong intellect and decided view; he has served three terms as an alderman of Decatur and had taken a patriotic interest in the material affairs of the town. His mental qualities are commanding, much above the average, and had his environment been different would doubtless have adorned places of eminence in emulation of the career of his distinguished lamented brother, Governor James S. Hogg, whom he pronouncedly resembles in the forceful qualities of his intellect and character.'


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