Inmate Programs

The Jail Industries program was established in 1992 with the aid of a federal grant. The mission of this program is to see that individuals who are incarcerated in the county jail receive the education, work ethic, substance abuse counseling, and life skills training necessary for a more productive role in the community.

Through Jail Industries, non-violent offenders are utilized on one of seven work crews within the program, ranging from jail kitchen and auto-repair shop to the non-profit organizations work crew. Participation is completely voluntary for inmates. Once in the program, attendance is required in substance abuse, life skills, and GED classes when applicable. Routinely, there are about 20 to 25 participants in the program at any given time.

Revenue generated by Jail Industries help subsidize classes, instructors, work equipment, and salaries for detention personnel needed to supervise inmates outside the facility. By utilizing inmates to perform tasks inside the jail and around the county, approximately $20,000 per month is saved in labor hours alone. Thereby, making the rehabilitation of inmates less costly to the taxpayers of Wise County.

As important as it is to save taxpayer's money, the real benefit of our program is that these individuals are receiving the necessary classes and counseling while participating in work projects that benefit the community, instilling in them a feeling of self-worth. Hopefully, this program will help make their transition back into the community a more successful one.

Rick Denney is responsible for coordinating all jail industry and work-release programs, all rehabilitative and educational programs in the jail, and the jail trustee work program.

Contact Jail Industries at 940-627-5971 or through E-Mail