Trustee Program

This program consists of approximately 20 to 25 inmates that volunteer to be a part of a work detail at the jail. Trustee selection is based on the inmate's past criminal history, current criminal charge, and his or her demeanor while incarcerated. Once selected, participation in educational classes and group counseling sessions is mandatory. If eligible through the court and with satisfactory performance, participants may receive two-for-one credit on their sentence. The program consists of eight different work details, which are listed as follows:

Automotive Repair Shop
Administrative Cleaning
Laundry & Floors

Shop trustees provide routine maintenance for county vehicles.
  General Maintenance
Miscellaneous Work Crew 

Non-Profit Organizations Work Crew

This crew completes various projects and tasks for non-profit organizations, schools, churches, cemetery associations, and cities within Wise County. Also, for two days every week, they work under the direction of the U.S. Forest Service, completing habitat improvement and right-of-way construction in the LBJ National Grasslands. During the warmer months, the work crew is responsible for the mowing and grounds-keeping of several cemeteries within the county.

Alvord #2 Anneville #1 Arkansaw #3 Ball Knob #2 Bethel-Boonesville #4
Crafton #2 Crafton-Norwood #2 Cottonwood #2 Eastmound #4 Flat Rock #2
Friendship #3 Hog Branch #3 Hopewell #2 Hyde #4 Jones Town #2
Keeter #3 Lonestar #2 Olive Branch #2 Pella #2 Prairie Point #2
Preskitt #2 Rush Creek #2 Sweetwater #1 Sycamore #1 Teague #3
Trimble #1 Union Hill #2 Valley View #2    


If you are a non-profit organization within Wise County and you wish to utilize the services of the work crew, please call Rick Denney 940-627-5971 or through e-mail. Please call or E-Mail well in advance. The work crew stays booked for several weeks to a month ahead.

Work Release Program

Participation in this program is court ordered. As a part of their sentence, inmates will be allowed to work outside the jail. These inmates are strictly supervised by a designated officer. They are given specific check-out and return times to and from the jail. They are also subject to random field visits and drug tests. Days off are spent in jail. Participants are required to pay a fee of $15.00 per day, for the duration of their commitment. 

In addition to court ordered work release inmates, the Sheriff's Office holds a contract with the Texas Department of Corrections to house pre-release inmates for work release purposes. Under this contract, inmates are held on a work release basis in the counties in which they resided prior to being sentenced to the penitentiary. They remain in the work release program until their mandatory release date. 

The focus of this program is to establish or re-establish non-violent offenders into the work force who may have had gainful employment prior to incarceration or may possess marketable job skills. This program is beneficial to those offenders who have families that rely on them for support.

If you have any questions regarding this program or you are interested in providing employment to a participant, contact Rick Denney at 940-627-5971 or through e-mail

Educational Classes & Counseling

There are six different classes or counseling groups that meet in the Wise County Jail. Some of the classes meet on a weekly basis and others meet bi-weekly. There are three different group meetings that focus on substance abuse. They include Alcohol and Narcotics Anonymous for general population and a general class for Trustees. There is an art class for general population as well as Trustees. We provide a mandatory Life Skills Training class for Trustees. Finally, there are weekly GED training sessions in which we try to prepare inmates with taking their high school equivalency exam. 

All instruction is provided by volunteer or paid instructors from within the community. All classes that require funding are supported by funds earned through Jail Industries.