Patrol Division


Patrol Lieutenant Art Ferguson

Sergeant Jason McCall Sergeant Wes Hughes
Sergeant Neil Duncan Sergeant Michael Derrick

Traffic Enforcement

Unless otherwise posted, speed limits on County roads are 30 mph if gravel, and 40 mph if paved.

The Traffic Enforcement Unit was created in 2001 with the addition of one deputy whose duties were to selectively enforce traffic laws (Selective Traffic Enforcement Program) based on citizen complaints of traffic violations and areas that have a high amount of traffic accidents. The Traffic Unit has since grown into a three man unit.

Traffic Unit Supervisor

Sergeant Cavin Riggs

Deputy Phillip Fevang


School Resource Officers

Responsibilities of the School Resource Officers include investigating criminal offenses that occur on campus as well as providing educational programs for students. The Wise County S.O. currently services the Alvord ISD, Chico ISD, Paradise ISD & Slidell ISD.

The Sheriff's Office provides services for the youth of Wise County including school resource officers, the Together Against Drug Abuse program, as well as other youth oriented programs.


Sergeant Paige Dobyns

Deputy Eliyah Payne

Deputy Justin Hunter


Deputy Mason Torres



Together Against Drug Abuse program

It is the belief of the Wise County Sheriff’s Office and Sheriff David Walker, that when it comes to the ever-increasing rate of juvenile crime, early intervention is the first step to prevention. Sheriff Walker would like to inform you about the Together Against Drug Abuse Program. 





Municipal Contract Services

The cities of Chico, Alvord, Aurora & New Fairview are entered into local agreements with Wise County and the Sheriff's Office to employ "contract" deputies also known as "resident deputies". In addition to their regular duties for the county, these deputies also work as patrolmen (on a part-time basis) for their respective cities, by providing them with extra law enforcement services.