The Wise County Jail is a non-smoking facility. Tobacco products and fire producing items used for the lighting of tobacco products are prohibited and are contraband.



**EFFECTIVE January 15th, 2012 the Wise County Jail will no longer accept money orders through the mail or in person in order to place on an inmate’s commissary account.  A kiosk has been placed in the lobby to allow family members and friends to deposit money into an inmate’s account by credit card or cash. 

Deposits may also be made by:



Inmate telephone use in the cells and dorms is a privilege. The telephones are collect only for local and long distance calls. NO CREDIT CARD OR THIRD PARTY CALLS CAN BE MADE THROUGH THE INMATE PHONE SYSTEM. Messages will not be taken for inmates unless it is a verifiable emergency.



All recreation offered is outside when the weather permits. Each inmate is allowed one (1) hour of physical recreation at least three (3) times a week.