Special Services

Lieutenant John Thompson
Division Commander



Deputy Tony Rogers
Warrant Officer
  Angela Sessums
Warrant Manager

The Warrant Manager is responsible for entering criminal warrants, civil papers, and protective orders that are generated from various courts in Wise County. These documents are entered in the Sheriff's Office in-house computer, as well as TCIC (Texas Crime Information Center) and NCIC (National Crime Information Center). Any status changes that are made on any of these documents is also updated when required.

The Sheriff's Office enters criminal warrants and civil papers that are issued from the following courts. If you have any questions regarding documents from these courts, you can contact Angela Sessums Warrant Manager at the Sheriff's Office. You may also contact the court that issued the document:

1. Wise County District Court (271st Judicial District)
2. Wise County Court at Law
3. All Wise County Justice of the Peace Courts

The Sheriff's Office DOES NOT enter criminal warrants from the following courts or agencies. If you have any questions regarding documents from these courts or agencies, you will have to contact them. The Sheriff's Office does not maintain any specific information on the papers.

1. Texas Department of Public Safety
2. City of Bridgeport Municipal Court
3. City of Decatur Municipal Court

Persons may check for active warrant(s) through the Wise County Sheriff's Office and may also view Calls for Service with the Wise County S.O. Database link. Current Jail Inmate population is also available.


Deputy Mike Stokes
Transport Officer
Deputy Paul Booker
Transport Officer

Transport deputies are responsible for the transportation of inmates to and from court appearances as well as the transfer of prisoners from the county jail to area state prisons and correctional facilities.


Civil Process

Sergeant Troy Gregg
Civil Officer
Deputy Michelle Murphree
Civil Officer

Deputy John Travelle

Civil papers issued by civil courts and serviced through the Sheriff's Office include:

Restraining Order
An order to the defendant(s) prohibiting him from doing an act prohibited in the order until a formal hearing can be conducted.

Protective Order
An order to the Defendant (in Family Violence cases) prohibiting him from committing further family violence and other acts prohibited towards the victim in the order.

Restraining Orders fall under civil law and are not criminally enforceable by a Peace Officer. A Protective Order is criminally enforceable under the Texas Penal Code, and an arrest can be made for violation of such order.   

A notice from the court that a defendant has been sued by the plaintiff. There is no requirements for the defendant to respond to the court either in writing or in person. 

Tax Warrant
An order commanding the Sheriff or Constable to collect  delinquent taxes for a taxing entity.

Writ of Execution
An order directed to the Sheriff or Constable commanding the collection of a legal debt. 

Writ of Attachment
A procedure or writ which may be used to bring a person or property into the custody of the court.

Distress Warrant
A writ issued by a JP court directing the seizure of a tenant's property for failure to pay rent as due, distress warrants can only be issued for commercial tenant/landlord relationships.

Execution Order of Sale
A process and writ issued by a court to enforce and collect money upon demand on a judgment by the seizure and sale of non-exempt property.

Forcible Entry and Detainer
An order used for a landlord to collect past due rent and gain possession of the eased or rented property. 
Writ of Garnishment
A writ and process directed to one who has money or property in his possession belonging to the defendant, ordering such third person not to deliver or pay it to the defendant but to deliver or hold it for the plaintiff or as directed by the court.

A writ issued by a court which demands or prohibits specified actions.

Writ of Possession: (Not eviction)
A writ employed to enforce a judgment to recover possession of real or personal property.

Writ of Reentry
The act by means of a writ returning the possession of land or tenements (real property) to the tenant after a landlord has wrongly locked the tenant out of the premises.

Writ of Sequestration
An order directing the Constable or Sheriff to take into his possession certain property of which another person has possession until the suit can be decided or as the court directs.

A process to cause a witness to appear and give testimony, commanding him to appear at a specified time and place to testify for the party named therein.

Subpoena Duces Tecum
A subpoena that directs a person to appear as a witness and bring with him or her and produce at the specified time and place any instrument or writing or other things required as evidence.

Wise County Civil Process Fees

Temp. Protective Order: $100.00

Temp. Restraining Order-Show Cause: $150.00

Citations: $100.00 Subpoenas: $125.00
Summons: $125.00 Forcible Detainers: $150.00
Order of Sales: $150.00  
Writ of Garnishment $150.00 Writ of Sequestration $150.00
Writ of Possession $150.00 Plus any cost incurred Writ of Execution $150.00 Plus any cost incurred
  Time spent over 2 hours will be $50.00 per hour per deputy on all Writs.


Property & Evidence
Sendy Reynolds

Records, Crime Reports, Evidence Manager

The Evidence & Property Manager for the Sheriff's Office is responsible for receiving all evidence and seized or abandoned property that is brought in by the deputies, as well as sending certain pieces of evidence to appropriate labs for testing and analysis. The property or evidence that is brought in is logged in the computer and stored in the evidence room until the case is concluded. 

In addition to this, Sendy reviews all case reports that come in and assigns them to an Investigator for follow-up and referral to the proper court, and is the Sheriff's Office liaison to the Justice of the Peace Courts, County Attorney's Office, and District Attorney's Office.

Due to the state requirement of maintaining the integrity of evidence, there is only one person and an assistant who has full-time access to the evidence room. Therefore, persons wanting to retrieve personal property that is ready for release must call the Sheriff's Office to make an appointment for picking it up and provide the Property Manager with the case number. Requests to pick up released property can be made Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm by calling 940-627-5971.

Once a person has been notified by certified letter to pick up their property, they have 90 days (in accordance with Art. 18.17 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure) to retrieve it. If the property is not claimed within 90 days from the notification date, it will be sold at auction or be destroyed. 

Persons wishing to claim their property must bring their certified letter and proof of identification with them. The person must be the actual owner of the property or an agent of the owner with a notarized letter from the owner giving them permission to retrieve it. Property owners who are convicted felons are required to have an immediate family member act as their agent for the property.


Sex Offender Registrar

Chris Hodges

Crime Stoppers Coordinator

Sex Offender Registration

Under Texas Law, certain convicted Sex Offenders must register with the Texas Department of Public Safety and with the local law enforcement agency of jurisdiction. The Wise County Sheriff's Office maintains the sex offender registration program for Wise County.

Registration information for Wise County is provided in a sub-web in accordance with Chapter 62, Texas Code of Criminal Procedures.

Current Wise County Sex Offenders

DPS Seal

                     Texas Department of Public Safety Sex Offender Registration Program



Crime Stoppers

Leave A Tip


Crime Stoppers of Wise County Hotline

940-627-8477 or 1-800-643-8477

Wise County's 10 Most Wanted


Crime Stoppers involves your support and information as a citizen in the fight against crime. Cash rewards up to $1000 are offered to citizens who furnish information leading to the arrest and indictment of felony crime offenders or to the capture of felony fugitives. Your identity is strictly protected. Additional rewards are paid for court testimony, if you are willing to testify and the District Attorney feels your testimony is needed.


Most of the information received by Crime Stoppers is by telephone.

You may call the Crime Stoppers 24 Hour Hotline at 940-627-8477 or 1-800-643-8477 if long distance.

You may also leave an anonymous tip through this web site. 

When a call is received by Crime Stoppers it is logged with the date, time, and a brief summary of the callerís information. Callers are furnished with a secret code number which is used in subsequent transactions. Callers may remain anonymous, with no pressure to reveal their identity, and still collect their rewards.

If a callerís information results in the arrest and indictment of an offender or the apprehension of a fugitive, the caller will be contacted and arrangements made so that the person can receive his/her reward in cash and preserve his anonymity.


A board of prominent citizens oversees the Crime Stoppers program and approves the rewards to be paid, based on information presented by the Law Enforcement Coordinator. This board does not know who called in the information. The board is presented the facts and the code number is the only identifier used.



Crime Stoppers is working, and without spending any of your tax dollars!

Crime Stoppers is a nonprofit organization and is funded entirely through donations from the public and through probation fees paid by criminal offenders. Contributions are tax deductible.



All citizens benefit. There is a greater awareness of crime in the community and stronger contributions in solving crime, making Wise County a safer place to live.


Communications between law enforcement officials and the community working in cooperation with the Crime Stoppers program.


Better media relations and cooperation between the police and community.



Blake Walls

Training Coordinator & Quartermaster

Blake Walls is the Training Coordinator for the Sheriff's Office. He is in charge of overseeing TCLEOSE mandated and in-service training for all Sheriff's Office personnel. 

In addition to training, Blake handles much of the purchasing for the Sheriff's Office equipment and supplies.



Animal Services

Linda Bryan
Animal Services Administrator


Fred Redder
Animal Control Officer

Sherri Hartfield
Animal Control Officer

Tori Hopkins
Animal Shelter Tech


The Animal Services Division is responsible for animal bite reports, strays, and maintaining the animal shelter, which includes both the the adoption and euthanization of animals. 

The Animal Control Officers are also responsible for the enforcement of animal control ordinances for the county, which were passed on October 13, 1997. The ordinances apply to all unincorporated areas of the county (outside a municipality).


Wise County Animal Shelter
Tuesday-Saturday 8:00am -5:00pm Closed 1-2pm for lunch  
Closed Sunday and Monday
(excluding holidays
119 PR 4195 Decatur, TX 76234
(940)627-7577 phone (940)627-1965 fax

The Animal Shelter is located between the 
Wise County Impound and the Wise County Dump site on Hwy 51 South in Decatur


Find us on

(Click the facebook Icon to visit the Wisecounty Animalshelter page)




Wise County Sheriff

Notice of Impoundment of Estray


On November 21, 2014

 Wise County Animal Control

impounded 7 Angus cross cows (4 cows/3calves)

in the area of 1790/Hwy 101.

For additional information or to claim the cows

Contact Wise County Animal Control at (940)627-7577.

If ownership of said estray is not determined by

December 22, 2014

Said estray will be sold

at Decatur Livestock Market.


Wise County Sheriff

Notice of Impoundment of Estray


On November 12, 2014

 Wise County Animal Control

impounded 1 brown/white donkey

in the area of CR 3550.

For additional information or to claim the donkey

Contact Wise County Animal Control at (940)627-7577.

If ownership of said estray is not determined by

December 20, 2014

Said estray will be sold

at Wise County Animal Shelter at noon.


Wise County Sheriff

Notice of Impoundment of Estray


On November 20, 2014

 Wise County Animal Control

impounded 1 red Corriente heifer

in the area of PR 2780

For additional information or to claim the heifer

Contact Wise County Animal Control at (940)627-7577.

If ownership of said estray is not determined by

December 8, 2014

Said estray will be sold

at Decatur Livestock Market.


Wise County Sheriff

Notice of Impoundment of Estray


On November 20, 2014

 Wise County Animal Control

impounded 1 brown/white miniature stud horse

in the area of CR 4699/CR 4698 in Springtown

For additional information or to claim the horse

Contact Wise County Animal Control at (940)627-7577.

If ownership of said estray is not determined by

December 19, 2014

Said estray will be sold

at Wise County Animal Shelter, December 20th at noon.





County Ordinances:

Vaccinations: No person shall own, keep, or harbor any dog or cat over four months of age in Wise County unless such dog or cat's owner has current and valid proof of Rabies Vaccination. Each dog or cat must be vaccinated at four months of age and a booster one year after the four month vaccination.

All cats and dogs must be vaccinated according to the Texas Board of Health Rules. If the veterinarian uses a one year vaccine, then the animal must be vaccinated on a yearly basis. If the veterinarian uses a three year vaccine, then the animal must be vaccinated every three years.

It is the sole responsibility of the owner to keep vaccination receipts to prove which vaccine is used. If no proof is available, it will be the determination of Wise County Commissioners Court and this resolution that the one year rule will apply.

Restraint of Animals: All animals shall be kept under restraint (secured by a leash or lead, or confined within the real property limits of its owner). A person commits an offense if he fails or refuses to restrain any animal of which he is the owner. An offense under this section is a Class "C" misdemeanor.

Nuisance: No owner shall fail to exercise proper care and control of his animals in order to prevent them from becoming a public nuisance (nuisance shall describe an animal if it: damages, soils, defiles, or defecates on private property other than the owner's or on public walks and recreation areas unless such waste is immediately removed and properly disposed of by the owner; causes unsanitary, dangerous, of offensive conditions; causes a disturbance by excessive barking or other noise making; chases vehicles; or molests, attacks, or interferes with persons or other domestic animals). A person commits an offense if he permits his animal to cause a nuisance. An offense under this section is a Class "C" misdemeanor.

Wild Animals: A person commits an offense if he owns, possesses, or harbors a wild animal within Wise County. Wild animals include the following (but are not limited to): lion, tiger, lynx, mountain lion, wildcat, bobcat, ocelot, cougar, leopard, cheetah, jaguar, hyena, bear, lesser panda, binturong, wolf ape, elephant, rhinoceros, alligator, crocodiles, bears (urisade), wolf, part-wolf dogs, fox, part-fox dogs, coyote, part-coyote dogs, dingo, porcupine, skunks, all sub-human primates, raccoons, venomous fish and piranha, venomous snakes or lizards, non-venomous snakes greater than 5 feet when extended, weasels (including martens, wolverines, ferrets, badgers, otters, ermine, mink, mongoose)). There is a separate offense for each wild animal involved. An offense is a Class "C" misdemeanor and punishable by a fine of not less than $200 or more than $2,000.

Impound: It shall be the duty of the Animal Control Officer to impound all dogs, cats, or other animal suspected of being infected with rabies and all animals exposed to, or suspected of being exposed to an animal infected by rabies; animals that have bitten a person; and animals which are strays, at large, or unrestrained. Animals impounded that have license tags or identification will be held ten (10) days; animals bearing no tags or identification will be held three (3) days. Any animal impounded may be redeemed by the owner within three (3) days upon payment of an impoundment fee.

Ownership: Any person who keeps, harbors, feeds, shelters, or otherwise allows any stray animal or animals to remain on his property or permits egress and/or ingress for seven (7) or more days without notifying the Animal Control Authority shall be deemed the owner of said animal.

Rabies: When a dog or cat has bitten a human, the animal shall be required to be placed in quarantine for ten (10) days. The ten (10) day observation period will begin on the day of the bite incident. The animal must be examined by a licensed veterinarian, or the Animal Control Authority. No wild animals will be placed in quarantine.

Interference: A person commits an offense if he interferes with, hinders, or molests and Animal Control Officer in the performance of their duty.


Dogs and Cats

Adoption Fee ($25.00)


Impound/Per head ($75.00) (Large: horse, cow & bull)

Impound/Per head ($50.00) (Small: goats, sheep, hog & flightless bird)

Release Fee/Per head ($25.00)
Livestock hauling/Per head ($50.00)
Roundup, loading, and care of livestock (Assessed by Contractor)

Exotic or Wild Animals   

No wild or exotic animals allowed in Wise County

All fines and fees are deposited directly into the Wise County "General Fund". However, if a donor wishes to make a contribution to the Animal Shelter for care of the animals or for the pet adoption program, those donations will be applied specifically to that cause.