Visitation Days & Hours



Morning   8:00a-9:00a            Special Watch Males
9:00a-10:30a          General Population Females
                10:30a-12:45p        Minimum/Medium Classification Males 

Evening    5:00p-6:00p           Trustee Females
                 6:00p-8:00p           Trustee Males    



Morning  9:00a-1:30p            Medium/Maximum Classification Males
Evening  6:00p-7:00p            General Population Females
               7:00p-10:00p          Minimum/Medium Classification Males


Evening  6:00p-7:00p            Special Watch Males 
               7:00P-10:00P         Medium/Maximum Classification Males 


Evening  5:00p-6:00p           Trustee Females
               6:00p-8:00p           Trustee Males   


  **Notice**  All visitors MUST be signed in 30 minutes prior to the end of the specified visitation time or the visit                         may be denied by Jail Staff.                      


Hello, Ma? Visitation day! Just like the movies, you're on one side and your visitor is on the other. You talk by using the phones.


Revised – January 5, 2012 

The following Rules & Regulations must be followed and adhered to in order to visit with an inmate at the Wise County Jail.


  1. Your name and personal information must be listed on the inmate’s visitation card.
  2. You must present proper identification.  These must be picture identification in the list below:  Driver’s License, Any State Issued Card, Military ID, or a Passport.  A shift supervisor PRIOR to the visit must approve any other forms of identification.  Identification cards will be considered valid provided it contains the correct picture and has not been altered in any way.
  3. Picture ID is required for visitors 17 and older.  An approved adult visitor must accompany all visitors who are 16 and younger.  Those persons who do not have proper picture ID and/or an approved adult visitor with them SHALL NOT be allowed to visit.
  5. NO purses, diaper bags, and/or packages will be allowed in the visitation room.
  6. The time limit for a visit is 20 minutes.  If you have proof of residence outside a 100 mile radius, a 40 minute extended visit shall be allowed, under normal circumstances.
  7. No previous inmates shall be allowed to visit until 45 days have passed.
  8. Any special requests in regards to visitation must be submitted to the Jail Administrator and/or his designee in writing and approved prior to the visit.
  9. Proper dress is required.  NO short shorts above the knees, tank tops, short dresses, too tight clothing and/or revealing clothing shall be allowed.  Your visit will be denied if you show up without proper attire.
  10. You must maintain control of all minor children in the lobby and visitation rooms at all times.  If your children are creating a disturbance, your visit may be terminated and/or denied.  Do not allow children to play on the phone or with the water fountain please.
  11. All ministry visitations must go through the Jail Chaplain and must not be done on or during previously scheduled visitation times.

Jail staff has the right to deny or terminate any visit if circumstances arise that would threaten the normal operations of a safe and secure facility.