Payment Options

The Court accepts money orders, cashier's checks, and cash at our office located at:

  • 306 W. Main St., Suite 105

    Wise County Court Center
    Decatur, TX 76234

  • Monday through Friday
    8 a.m. to Noon
    1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Money Orders & Cashier's Checks

Money orders and cashier's checks are accepted by mail at:
P.O. Box 509
Decatur, TX 76234

While credit and debit cards are accepted on the internet through Official Payments or by calling Official Payments at 800-272-9829. We do not accept personal checks on any fines.

Before Making a Payment by Credit Card

Before making a payment via credit card you must first call the court at 940-627-2694 to get all required information for proper processing of your payment.

Proceeding with a Payment

You will need to know the following before proceeding with your payment:

  • Amount That You Need to Pay - (Credit card payments are not accepted for partial payments)
  • Docket Number or Cause Number and Driver's Licence Number.
  • Jurisdiction Code Number: 7301 

A convenience fee of $5.95 will be charged to make your payment. Be sure to get the confirmation number when making your payment.

Types of Cases That Cannot Be Paid Online

The following types of cases cannot be paid online and you must contact the appropriate court:

  • Juveniles (under age 17) must appear in person with a parent or guardian.
  • Minors over age 17 charged with alcohol, tobacco, and failure to attend school offenses must make a personal appearance in court with a parent or legal guardian.
  • Alcohol-related offenses carry additional requirements and therefore must be paid directly to the Court.

No partial payments accepted. Driving Safety Course Deferral must be negotiated through the Court. If you are in the OMNI data system and your driver's license cannot be renewed or if you have a warrant for your arrest you must contact this office by phone or appear in person.


Please be aware that by paying online through this service you will be entering a plea of no contest and waiving a jury trial for the charges against you. (Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, Article 27.14 (c) states: In a misdemeanor case for which the maximum possible punishment is by fine only, payment of a fine or an amount accepted by the Court constitutes a finding of guilty in open Court as though a plea of nolo contendere had been entered by the defendant and constitutes a waiver of a jury trial in writing. Your citation will be reported to the Department of Public Safety and may have points and/or surcharges assessed.

Paying Online

Once you have read all the prior information, you will be redirected to official payments. Instructions are available in both English and Spanish.

Defendant's Plea

Review the defendant's plea (PDF)

  1. English Instructions
  2. Spanish Instructions

Web Payment Instructions

  1. Go to Official Payments
  2. Choose Make a Payment
  3. Choose Local Payment
  4. Choose State (or Jurisdiction Code Number 7301)
  5. Choose Payment Entity
  6. Choose Payment Type, Choose Continue
  7. Enter Amount, Choose Continue
  8. Read Terms, Choose Accept
  9. Enter Payment Information, Choose Continue
  10. Review Information, Choose Submit
  11. Receive Confirmation Number

Your confirmation number acts as your receipt if you do not get a confirmation number your payment was not processed.