Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Judge Morrow is honored to perform your wedding ceremony in the Courtroom or at another location. Please call 940-627-2694 for more information and to schedule your ceremony.

Important Information

We ask that you take a minute to read the following information before your wedding ceremony with Judge Morrow. Texas Law requires that: you must have a valid Texas Marriage License; and schedule your wedding for after the 72 hour waiting period and prior to the 90 day expiration of the license. For active-duty military or other waivers please contact the County Clerks office issuing your license for further information.

Valid Texas Marriage License

No ceremony can be conducted without the presentation of a valid Texas marriage license on the wedding day dated at least 72 hours before the ceremony.

Wedding Scheduling

Please be on time for your wedding. If you have a scheduling conflict please contact the Court to schedule an alternate time. If you have any questions, please call 940-627-2694. We want your wedding to be very special. Thank you for your consideration, and again congratulations!